(pursuant to article 13 of the EU GDPR 2016/679)

The following is to share with our public what needs to be known, not only in order to stand by our legal duties, but also because transparency and honesty are a cornerstone of our relationship with you.

PSTM SRL acts as Data Controller when it comes to your personal data, and is committed to its fair and legal use. Should you need any information, or have any request, related to your personal data, you will be able to contact the firm at any time at the following address:

Data Controller: PSTM SRL
Sede: Via Zanobi da Strada, 12 – 50126 Firenze FI, ITALY

Your personal data is collected and stored to be used as follows:


Data collected

Legal Framework

Fiscal compliance

Name, address or other elements of personal identification. Email address. Contacts (phone number, email, etc.)

Processing of personal data is needed to observe a legal duty on the part of the Data Controller – Member State Regulation (Fiscal/Invoicing Laws)

Providing the service requested by the client

Name, address or other elements of personal identification. Email address. Gender (M/F). Contacts (phone number, email, etc.)

Processing of personal data is required to fulfill a contract that the interested party is part of, or to carry out pre-contractual actions that have been put into action upon his/her request – EU Regulation (GDPR 2016/679)

Your data can be sent to the following recipients, or types of recipients:


Hosting providers and web providers (Aperion Srl, Digital Ocean LLC)

In addition to the above, in order to guarantee that your data will be processed as fairly and as correctly as possible, you should be aware of the fact that:

  • Data will be processed for 5 years

  • Data processing will begin on March 1st, 2019

  • You have the right to ask the Data Controller for access to this personal data, to delete or modify them, to limit the extent of their processing or to refuse the process in its entirety

  • If you have given your consent for one or more specific purposes, you can annul this consent at any time

  • You have the right to file a complaint to the following Authority: Italian Data Protection Authority


  • You have the legal obligation to submit your data, or you will be subject to legal consequences, as detailed by the legal framework

  • You are contractually bound to give your data: failure to do so will be considered a breach of contract. In other words, your personal data is required to bring the contract to its conclusion, and it will not be signed without them.

Florence, February 25, 2019