CHAT and sociality

Boost engagement and maximize the satisfaction of event attendees with SharEvent’s tools for socializing.


SharEvent Chat allows all event attendees to connect with each other and network. It’s accessible after authentication only to ensure confidentiality and it allows to receive automatic push notifications both when the App is closed and “in bar” so that attendees are notified in real-time. 


Attendees can comment in real-time on everything that happens around them. During a training session, a report, or a presentation, attendees can also use the messaging service to send feedback or ask questions and request clarifications. This way, sessions become more interactive and engaging.


Play is fun for adults as well. This is why gaming plays such a crucial role in the SharEvent ecosystem. Engaging attendees in games and quizzes allows them to gain points and have fun, while organizers, sponsors, and partners can get to know them better and gather the information they can use to build meaningful relationships.

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