Kintsugi and the art of events organization



In Japan, the ancient art of kintsugi repairs broken porcelain with gold or other precious materials. Thus, otherwise unusable artifacts are recovered for use and the precious glue compensates for the loss in value caused by breakage. The result of the work is an even more precious object than the original because it is absolutely unique and enriched with quality materials.

Kintsugi just came to mind thinking about the world of business and corporate events, cracked by the pandemic from Covid-19 to its very foundations and which still, in 2021, is struggling to see concrete possibilities of returning to some normalcy.

It is true, as many have said, that there will probably no longer be a normality to return to even when the pandemic is over, and it is perhaps also true that this terrible experience has not created anything, but only forcibly accelerated processes of change and revolution that would have happened anyway.

But the fact remains: that of corporate and business events (conventions, fairs, annual meetings, job fairs, etc.) is still, in many ways, a sector that has deeply cracked, so much so that it needs something to repair it with.

This is how we asked ourselves if we could apply the idea of kintsugi to the “art of repairing events”.

Well, we said yes. And going deeper, we also tried to figure out how.

We started from our rupture. The one that paralyzed us in March 2020 and shattered most of our certainties. When the pandemic began to hit, as many of you already know, SharEvent was already working at national and international level in support of large and small corporate events. So, when the events stopped, we too stopped. And to be honest we thought we would stop everything until the events started again.
We then looked up from the here and now of a line of work, and we saw it. We saw gold for our kintsugi. What gold? Technology. The bone and sinew that has always kept the SharEvent project on its feet, but which has never been the entirety of SharEvent.

For us, technology is a tool, not an end.
It is what allows us to bring to life the idea of what an event should be,
that very same idea that we share with all those who choose us as a partner in their work.
It is, to put it in kintsugi-terms, our gold.

Three points and three ideas that may perhaps be helpful to reflect on this new 2021.

1. Technology allows you to look around the corner

Technology allows you to look behind the wall that difficulties raised on the path, the obstacles that prevent you from doing things as you always have. It allows you to imagine a new start.
Of course, it cannot replace everything. And indeed, let’s say it doesn’t replace anything. Because as long as we are in the perspective of how to replace something with something else, we are neither repairing nor finding new value to what already exists. We are throwing something away and buying something else. If we hold on to the true heart of what is meaninful to us, instead, we can find other ways to do things even when it seems impossible.
And technology can be a reliable partner to move from thought to action.
A concrete example? We, for one, would never have thought that technology could prove to be the best tool to hold together the pieces of fairs that had been shattered by the pandemic, such as job fairs. Instead, by totally rethinking rules and tools, this sector discovered that moving to virtual and online could not only be a way to overcome difficulties, but also to improve effectiveness and satisfaction for all participants. By starting from the desired experience for all stakeholders, technology not only “held the pieces together”, but it also gave new value to the whole event.

2. Technology strengthens the foundations

Technology can be the glue that holds the structure together even when it is shaken. A stable and at the same time flexible technological structure allowed us to move from supporting offline events to online events in the space of a few hours (the same hours we needed to change our perspective). Because when the basic structure is solid, you can build on it trusting that it will not collapse even in the face of some shock. Whether it’s a physical event – one of those that we all hope to return to organize soon -, a totally online one or even a hybrid one, like many upcoming events will probably be. And above all, there will always be the possibility to switch from one solution to the other with minimum expenditure and risk in the event of sudden changes.

3. Technology broadens horizons

We said it before: in the world of business and corporate events, technology allows to go beyond the limits of space and time and, fortunately, at least part of the restrictions of a pandemic. But it does more: it holds together what we are familiar with and what, perhaps, we have only imagined. As in kintsugi, by assembling in an original way the pieces it creates something new: a truly augmented reality. No longer a substitute, a surrogate, an alternative of what could have been, but a unique creation with no friction and a perfectly satisfying experience.

Are you planning your 2021 events and maybe think SharEvent could help you out? Drop us a line and let’s talk about it.
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